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Besides our experience and expertise, here are a few reasons to consider HGH Physicians over other providers of HGH

easy access doctors

HGH Physicians provides you with easy access to doctors and your own personal wellness coach

one-on-one relationship

At HGH Physicians you will have a one-on-one relationship with your physician, and access to our other concierge age-management services

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Online Portal

At HGH Physicians you will be able to use our unique online Virtual Wellness Portal to monitor your program and progress

blood tests

HGH Physicians provides discreet blood tests in your home or office

HGH Growth Hormone
Learn the Importance

When we are young, HGH levels are very high, stimulating rapid growth and repair of cells. HGH is responsible for the way we grow from childhood to adulthood. Once we are "fully grown" as adults, HGH levels drop off significantly.hgh growth hormone levels

However, HGH still plays an important role in adult men and women.

We still need HGH to repair damaged cells, and replace those that die. But, once we are over 35, HGH levels can be so low, that our bodies can no longer keep up with the damage. More cells die than can be replaced, and we "grow old."

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With this loss of Human Growth Hormone, you can experience:

Muscle loss

Fatigue & Depression

Increased fat

Sexual wellness issues

"HGH Therapy cannot prevent you from getting older, but it can improve the way you age by returning your levels to what they were when you were younger, you can look and feel better!"

The HGH Physician’s Difference

Once you come to understand that true HGH optimization therapy can only be given by a doctor, you next question should be:

How do I find the right HGH Physicians?

One of the big differences between HGH Phyisicians.com, and others who offer HGH is our years of experience. We have been at the forefront of HGH therapies, Hormone optimization, And other concierge age-management services for decades.

All of HGH Physicians .com’s services are delivered in a relaxed, professional environment. We have locations nationwide in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and many more.

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Choosing An HGH Physician

There is a lot of confusion between “HGH Supplements” and physician provided HGH injections. Only HGH physicians can prescribe HGH injections. HGH injections such as Genotropin, Saizen and Nutropin, provide your body with real HGH.

HGH supplement pills, available online, or in health food stores DO NOT CONTAIN ANY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE. These products, often sold as HGH, by law, cannot contain HGH. Genuine HGH can only be given to you by a qualified doctor. These other products such as Genf20 Plus, Genfx, Sytropin, and Provacyl – contain amino acids, and other ingredients, that claim to stimulate your body to produce additional HGH. However, there has been very little clinical evidence to support such claims.

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If you have heard about HGH, and are looking for a doctor to provide HGH replacement therapy, HGH Physicians .com can help.

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If you want the real anti-aging benefits of Human Growth Hormone, you need actual HGH, and that can only be prescribed to you by a doctor.

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  • Testimonial #3

    I had problems with my erections, the local drugs worked but would get me dizzy and made me depressed cause I knew my wife was not happy. One day my partner in business tells me about this clinic he heard about from...

    Rick Hammer Manager
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  • Testimonial #2

    You were right. As you know I was having trouble getting and holding an erection and was skeptical about your therapy program. After 1 month in the program I am no longer having a problem. You made me a believer....

    Anthony SmithConsultant
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  • Testimonial #1

    I visit Latin America each fall and I never heard of hGH hormone replacement therapy until some locals I knew told me about all it. I'm 64 years old and need all the help I can get. I found hgh...

    Armando RojasRestaurant Owner
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