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About Our HGH Physicians

HGH Growth Hormone Therapy is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

While any doctor can provide growth hormone therapy, not every doctor who does so, is alike.

Our HGH physicians are all board certified, and have years of experience in providing HGH Therapy.

About Growth Hormone Therapy

Our HGH physicians understand the critical role growth hormone plays in how well you feel, how good your look, and how well you perform as you age.

As you age from child, to teen to your adult years, your growth hormone level goes from high, to medium, to low. When you are a kid your growth hormone is at its peak. This elevated concentration of growth hormone allows you to very quickly replace and repair cells as you growing. Once you have stopped growing and have attained your full height your levels of human growth hormone drop significantly.

Even though HGH levels drop as you get older, it still is produced and needed by every cell in your body.

Without growth hormone, you could not replace any dead, dying, or damaged cells. Your lifespan would be very short indeed!

In fact, how long you do live, has a lot to do with maintaining good levels of growth hormone. Basically, what we think of as “ageing” is your decreased ability to replace dead and dying cells with new ones as you growth hormones decline.

That is why you can benefit from growth hormone therapy. Our growth hormone physicians understand that most of the age related problems and syndromes that we equate with “old age,” are in reality, just the impact of declining levels of growth hormone!

Decreased hgh growth hormone can lead to:

  • Fatigue and energy loss
  • Decreased ability to build muscle
  • Weakness
  • Lowered ability to burn fat, leading to weight gain
  • Slower metabolism leading to increased weight gain, tiredness, and sleep issues
  • Sexual performance issues such as low libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of collagen leading to hair loss, increased appearance of wrinkled skin

HGH growth hormone therapy can alleviate all of these growth hormone related issues, and so much more!

But if you want to receive all of the benefits of growth hormone therapy, you must receive true growth hormone in HGH injections, like those prescribed by our HGH physicians. There is not a nutritional supplement, pill, gel, or powder that can accomplish what genuine growth hormone therapy can!

Our Growth Hormone Therapy Costs Vs Others

At HGH Physicians.com you will likely find the cost of growth hormone therapy to be more reasonable than you would at Cenegenics®, or just about any other providers of HGH growth hormone therapy.

This is because our HGH doctors prescribe very precise and individualized doses of growth hormone. We will never sell you a longer, or more expensive program than you need, just to pump up our bottom line.

In addition, we have developed long-standing relationships with certified local compounding pharmacies, which helps us to keep the costs of our growth hormone therapies low.

Unlike some other hormone clinics, HGH Physicians will never lock you into a long term growth hormone therapy program. In addition, our HGH physicians will never try to sell you products or supplements along with your hormone therapy that you do not want or need.

About the Safety of Growth Hormone Therapy

There has been a bit of debate and misunderstandings surrounding the use of growth hormone.

HGH Growth hormone has been banned by most professional sports organizations. This has led the public to think it is dangerous or unsafe. But, the truth is, these organizations do not prevent athletes from using growth hormone because it is dangerous, but because it is proven to enhance physical abilities! The truth is that growth hormone injections could actually give a competitive athlete an unfair advantage!

Growth hormone is banned for its very efficacy, and NOT for safety concerns!

However, because of the negative association of growth hormones in pro-sports, HGH often is confused with “steroids” or other “Performance Enhancing Drugs.” In light of this misconception of growth hormones as dangerous, you can find many imitation products on the market that claim to be “HGH Supplements.”

These non-hormonal “HGH Supplements” allow the companies to sell and market them without the negative stigma some people associate with true “growth hormone.”

However, growth hormones, when given properly, such as by our HGH physicians is very safe!

These so called “HGH supplement pills” that can be bought online, or in vitamin shops DO NOT CONTAIN ANY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONES.

These products, even though they are sold as “growth hormone,” or HGH, cannot contain HGH by law. Genuine Human Growth Hormones can only be prescribed by a doctor.

If you want the genuine benefits of Human Growth Hormone, you need to take authentic HGH injections, and that can only be prescribed to you by an HGH physician, such as those of HGH Physicians.com.