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HGH Growth Hormone Therapy

Understanding HGH Growth Hormone Therapy

hgh growth hormone therapyHGH Growth hormone therapy may very well be the long awaited “Fountain of Youth.” Growth hormone therapy is a safe and effective way to literally “turn back the clock,” and look and feel years younger.

Well known celebrities such as Jane Seymour, Cher, Nick Nolte, and Sylvester Stallone, all admit to, and swear by growth hormone therapy.

But, you do not need to be a Hollywood celebrity to reap the many life changing benefits of doctor-guided HGH hormone therapy.

At HGH Phycisians.com, we are experts in providing HGH Growth Hormone Therapy.

HGH Growth Hormone Therapy is cutting edge medicine. In a world where so-called anti-aging treatments often turn out to be nothing but snake-oil, riddled with bad science and false claims, HGH Growth Hormone Therapy is the “real deal.”

But, true HGH growth hormone therapy is only available with a doctor’s prescription, and should only be provided by skilled and experienced hormone therapy physicians, such as those you will find at HGH Phycisians.com.

What is HGH Growth Hormone?growth hormone hgh

HGH Growth Hormone is one of your body’s most important hormones. Growth hormone, as the name implies stimulates and regulates all of the “growth” processes in your body. That means it is what allows you to grow in size, strength and stature from child to adult.

But HGH growth hormone does a lot more than only provide the stimulation and fuel for you to grow up.

Even when you are an adult your never stop “growing.” There are obvious things that still “grow” like your hair and finger nails. But, as you age, cells die, or get damaged and need to be replaced. That, and your ability to heal when you are sick, or injured, are also a kind of “growth.”

Growth hormone is responsible for all of these processes and more!

When you are a child, almost all of your body’s energy is devoted to growth. Cells are being replaced, or new ones added almost constantly. Ever look at a kid, and say “wow, I wish I had his or her energy?” Kids are have all of that energy because of their blood is literally swimming with growth hormone.

But even when you are all grown up you do not grow out of your need for HGH growth hormone. HGH controls metabolism and many other bodily processes throughout your whole lifespan. In fact, your HGH levels may be responsible for your lifespan!

  • HGH Growth hormone fuels replacement of every cell, of every organ and anatomical structure.
  • Growth hormone is required for strong bones, and muscles.
  • Growth hormone and the way it reacts with other hormones is critical to the balance between fat metabolism and muscle growth.

The production of other critical hormones to your strength and vitality, such as testosterone, also rely on HGH.

hgh antiagingEven though growth hormone plays many important roles, your level of HGH does drop over time. Weakness, weight gain, muscle loss, memory issues, and sexual dysfunction – just about all of the things we think of as “old–age,” are really all related to diminishing levels of growth hormone.

The purpose of HGH growth hormone therapy is to bring those levels back to when you were younger. Remember watching your kids, or grandkids on the playground and saying,

“I wish someone could only bottle some of the energy…”

Well somebody has. We call it HGH Growth Hormone Therapy.

Prescription Growth Hormone

HGH growth hormone therapy is only available through a doctor’s prescription like you can get from the skilled and experienced doctors with HGH Phycisians.com.

hgh therapy injectionDo not be deceived by false internet ads, or those in bodybuilding magazines.

Any product that claims to contain HGH, or provide growth hormone therapy without a prescription is not real HGH.

Also, real growth hormone can only be administered via intramuscular injection. Any pill or cream, or powder is not real growth hormone.

Your growth hormone therapy will begin with a comprehensive series of blood tests to determine your HGH levels. Since HGH works in conjunction with other hormones, your levels of other hormones such as testosterone, will also be evaluated.

If you are determined to be a candidate for HGH growth hormone injections, you will be started on a regimen, with dosing tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

After you begin your HGH growth hormone therapy, you will be very carefully monitored by our growth hormone clinic doctors and your wellness coach.

In a short while after you start taking your growth hormone injections, you should feel like you have more energy, you will feel stronger, wake up feeling less tired, and you will start to burn fat and build lean muscle more easily.

Contact us today to see of HGH Growth Hormone Therapy is right for you!