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Diagnosis and Testing by Your HGH Physician

Diagnosis and Testing by Your HGH Physician

The only way to determine if you have sub-optimal HGH, is with proper diagnosis and testing. The first step is a blood test.

hgh-physicians-doctor-diagnosisIf your level of HGH appears to be low, that does not mean that your HGH physician will automatically prescribe HGH injections. There can be other causes of your symptoms, or it could be low HGH in combination with other hormone deficiencies.

  • To accurately find out if you need HGH injections, HGH Physicians.com may require a series of additional tests to find out your overall hormone balance.

HGH Physicians.com will also insist on a thorough medical history and check your blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs to rule out any other medical conditions that could account for your symptoms. This will help your HGH physician in Miami to get the full story, and help him or her, make a final diagnosis to see if you qualify for HGH injection therapy.

Remember too, that what is normal for you, may be different for someone else. That is why we use the latest in diagnostic tools, and our years of expert analysis to determine the hormone optimization program that is most appropriate for your individual needs.

It may, or it may not, include HGH injection therapy.

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